Cathy Pepin Kowalski, Artist, writer, musician, "Quilt Mania the Musical."

Life is good.

Watercolor from photo


Email me a photo and I will watercolor from it for $600 for ~ 9x12 size.  Email me for other sizes, please.

Oil painting of Clint Eastwood

I oil paint from photos

I oil paint from photos also.  Please see my gallery.  I have done hundreds of portraits since high school, at Choate Rosemary Hall where I won the Van Ostrand- Perkins High Honors, excellence in Painting, Sculpture, and Artistry Award in 1978.



Diana Fischer and I wrote a musical about Quilting.  It is called "Quilt Mania the Musical."  We have other musicals in the works as well.

"A life on the crust" & "Back to Atlantis" science fiction

Science Fiction Screenplays by me.


Oil painting in a Catalina 30, in 1984


I have a BSEET as well.


I work as an Electronic Engineer.