Won the Van Ostrand-Perkins High Honors, Excellency in Painting award.

I will oil paint from your photo.

Abigail's portrait is one of my favorites!

I will oil paint from your photo.

 Just email me to discuss it, and email me the photo(s):


I can email or text you pictures as I paint it.  It's a lot of fun!

*  the price depends on the size and complexity, topic, and what you want (landscapes are less expensive than portraits).  Watercolors, pastels, pencils, graphic arts also available.

I am a writer.

I am a writer. I have 6 stories at Amazon.  One is my musical, "Quilt Mania the Musical," one is "Sailing to Block Island," and 4 short stories.  I am also preparing to publish a Science Fiction Screenplay called, "A Life on the Crust."  And I am working on a sequel. I have the Internet Domain Names for these titles.  Click below:

My books at Amazon

When my screenplays are made into movies:

When my screenplays are made into movies: I will charge much more money for my oil paintings.  I will have a very famous name when my screenplays are made into movies.  You will be very wise to commission me to oil paint for you, today!  

Quilt Mania the Musical has 8 fantastic songs.  Just like quilts, each song has a different genre, one is Latin, one is Soft Rock, one is Swing, etc...

Michelangelo painted nudes! I do too!

Cathy in 1981

I have drawn and painted nudes all my life.

I have drawn and painted nudes, from life, all my life.  It is called Life Drawing. Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, Rhode Island), the Worcester (Massachusetts) Art Museum, Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, Massachusetts), are some of the places that I have drawn and painted nudes.  The human figure is beautiful, and an artist should never stop drawing and painting nudes. 

All artists should draw and paint nudes every week, from real life.

I do not paint pornography.

I painted this oil painting in 1982

Commission me today!

I will oil paint from your photo, for an agreed-upon price, on a Museum Quality canvas.  I would be a joy to oil paint a painting from your photo for about $4,500.  It depends upon size, complexity, topic, and what you want. Landscapes are less expensive than portraits.  Watercolors, pastels, pencils, computer illustrations are available also.  Please email or call me.  A Painting 36x48 inches (3 ft x 4 ft) starts about $29,000.  Framing (optional), and shipping is extra.

I can travel to you, and oil paint “live."  Email me for details.

I painted this oil painting (to the right) in 1982. It is 48x36 inches. 

In the main gallery of this website, you can see a small fraction of my artwork. I sign all my artwork, Pepin, and thus the name of this website, and my domain names.

I won the highest art award possible at Choate Rosemary Hall.  It's called the "Van Ostrand-Perkins High Honors, Excellency in Painting, Sculpture, and Artistry."

Email me at cathy@cathypepin.com.

I only use the best oil paints in the world.

I use only “Old Holland” oil paints, the best in the world. They prepare the pigments in the oil paints with STONE grinders, not metal. The stone grinders do not cause oxidation of the pigments, (the pigments of some colors are sensitive to oxygen). Old Holland has been designing and manufacturing oil paints since the 1600’s. They are the original oil paints still in use. 

An oil painting will need to dry for at least 5 weeks, before it can be shipped to you. The water colors I use are only the top brands also.

I help people write and publish.

I know how to write, edit, and publish anything.  I studied Honors English and History.  You can upload a book to Amazon Kindle* and others, for free.  Just set your royalty level, price, bank information, and (if they approve), it's live.  You can earn royalties monthly, immediately.  I can help you for a small fee.

*Amazon and Kindle are trademarks that belong to Amazon.

Contact me for more information.